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Limited Liability Company PACIFIC THINH


Established in 2010 the Pacific LTD Thinh soon asserted its position in Vietnam market through the provision of equipment products welding-cut with famous brands like PROTECH, Dongju (Korea) and the brand other quality of China as DAOU, G-POWER, JASIC, Riland ... Through various distribution channels, these products have to consumers nationwide.
Since 2010 our company has researched and produced experimental electronic welders & early 2011 we gave out the line of mini electric welder, welding machines Welding, TIG welding machines, plasma cutting machine ... This the quality welding series Vietnam are assembled with electronic components in Japan (Toshiba) & Taiwan. In addition to beautiful design, competitive price, the quality & reliability nor inferior brand of welding machines of the same type imported from Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan ... Come to us in the field of welding-cut, you will vent from the burden of supply, assured of quality, delivery time and thoughtful after-sales services.

Criteria "PRESTIGE - PRICE TO DOUBLE WITH QUALITY" Our company has always wanted the chance to cooperate with all domestic and international customer.

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Limited Liability Company PACIFIC THINH

Headquarters: Team 15 - Zone 13 - highway 51 - Long Duc - Long Thanh - Dong Nai

Branch: No. 163, Hai Trieu group 2, P.Quan Toan, Q.Hong Bang, Hai Phong

Phone: 0983 464 679 - 01696 575 198

Email: - MST: 3602291898


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